Monday, 2 February 2015


The Dream Team came up with some rules to follow if you have your own device

*Put devices away once you have used them
*Your device is yours! You may share by working together with your device.
*Make sure you take your devices home
*Charge your devices before and after school 
*If the teacher is not in the room you can only use learning games and must not go on the internet
*Use devices to learn and to be creative with

*Keep your device SAFE

Comment below to help us understand this question:
What things do you need to do/ not to do to keep any device SAFE?


  1. Josh- Don't leave it on the floor because it will be stood on
    Lachie- Don't take it near water
    Gg- it is not a frisbee!
    Tui- Only walk with it
    Eva- keep the case on

  2. I'd love to creat my own car for the future good idea Kelly