Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Here are some pieces of writing written by Dream Team learners. Can you guess which feeling the writing is showing?

1. I was panting like a dog. I felt like I was cooked in a oven. I had a drenched hairline down my sweating face. My bright red face felt like it was on fire. There was sweat dripping down the back of my head.I was Gasping for breath.I couldn't walk because the ground felt like laver. My eyes were on fire they almost melted.

2.His big eyes burst out. His mouth was down.  His jaw dropped down. His was looking at the toys! He burst! It was a dream. His eyes were on fire and won’t even blink.

3. My stomach  was rumbling' I was starving I pictured  what I wanted to eat' My tummy is 4th screaming I  was  dribbling' Can I have more money' My  stomach  was Hurting

I was feeling sick. my stomach was empty it needed energy.