Wednesday, 4 March 2015

J.K.Rowling Blogging

J.K.Rowling Weekly Blog Post

Once a week you need to post one thing you did in your literacy plan that fits one of these:
- something you are proud of
-something you found challenging but you worked hard on
-something you learnt

Your blog post must have the following:
  1. A blog title
  2. A description explaining what you did including one of the above criteria
During literacy on Tuesday, I found WOW Wall Word Bricks very challenging. I want to find a word or sentence from a book that would make everyone say “WOW”. I read through the Dr Seuss books but couldn’t find anything. I then used the class novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and had success! See the picture for my success.

  1. A picture of your work
  2. A picture of where on your plan you did this. e.g. highlighted so it is easy to spot
  3. Labeled as: Literacy


  1. This. Is. The. best. Class in the word. I love it

  2. I no my spelling words kelly

  3. i love the song. On the blog