Monday, 25 May 2015


Once you have listened to the reading and read along in your head, have a think! Has anything similar happened to you? What are some lessons learnt from this story?

Friday, 15 May 2015

This week for our writing 
WALT add lots of detail to our opinions
We will learn how to write delicious hamburger paragraphs.

To do this we will write about what types of plants we would like to plant if we had our own garden. We will need to find out some information about the plants to help us.

We might publish our paragraphs on creative backgrounds like these:

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Today we had a trial of Dance NZ Made. We need to think long and hard to decide if we would like to commit to this fantastic dance opportunity. Watch out for notices on the Yellow Book for further information.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Thinking Challenge

This week we are using a new Thinker's Key:

The Inventions Key!

Invent a way for water to be given to our experiment seeds each day without us having to give it to them.

Draw and label your invention. Send your invention to Kelly to add to this post. 

12/5 Check out this

Akshay's thinking




Writing and Science learning

WALT write a creative response 

We will:
-use juicy verbs and adjectives
-still focus on our personal writing goal
-use the COMPLETE writing process this week

My goal is to use correct grammar. 
I need to work on this more.

The germinating seeds
Slime oozed out of what looked like a trap. Three bean seeds wrapping in their seed coat laid ready to burst into the world.
First the outer skin bursted, leaving the slimy layer behind to dry up and wrinkle.
A smooth slippery lightly coloured seed appeared.
A worm like stem then started slithering around the seeds. Fine, sharp hairs stood tall on the stem while gooey liquid seeped all around. Soon it grew strength, wiggling its way up to a standing position.


Helpful, Dangerous, and Strange
Written by Luther Reimer
WALT give examples to back up our understandings

This week you are to TEACH someone about the information you will learn from your reading.

  3. PRESENT LEARNING with many examples however ever you want
  4. TEACH- talk through your clear examples so others learn too!

Friday, 8 May 2015


We have been focusing on our writing goals. Some of us choose to use 'Write About Us' for writing this week.

Ava's goal is to use correct punctuation (full stops, capital letters and ! exclamation marks) How do you think she went this week?

Kate's goal is to use correct punctuation (full stops, capital letters and ! exclamation marks) as well. How do you think she went this week?

Akshay's goal is to use correct punctuation (full stops, capital letters and ! exclamation marks) as well!! 
How do you think he went this week?

Mikaela's goal is to make sure it makes sense. How do you think she went this week?

Rebecca's goal is to try using a variety of sentences (simple, compound, and complex). How do you think she went this week?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


 “Plants have to have soil !” says Riya

Is this true? Can a seed germinate without any soil?

We are learning about the germination process.
Hypothesis: (Students think) A seed will not grow if it has water and sunlight, but no soil.

We are doing an experiment to help us understand and observe the growth of a seed.

1.   First we wet a tissue then carefully placed 3 seeds in the tissue and folded it over.
2.   Next we put it in a sealable bag and placed it in the sun on our shelf.
3.   We will add a teaspoon of water when the tissue dries out.

4.   Each day we will make observational notes and diagrams of the germinating seeds.

8th June
After a lot of water, waiting, observation we found out that SEEDS CAN germinate without soil!
Our bag experiment wasn't as clear to observe as we would have liked so we had a big example in a jar! Take a look!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Walt describe and compare leaves

Today we went on a leaf hunt. We identified different leaves and were able to name many. We discussed different parts of leaves and will next compare and group the leaves.