Wednesday, 6 May 2015


 “Plants have to have soil !” says Riya

Is this true? Can a seed germinate without any soil?

We are learning about the germination process.
Hypothesis: (Students think) A seed will not grow if it has water and sunlight, but no soil.

We are doing an experiment to help us understand and observe the growth of a seed.

1.   First we wet a tissue then carefully placed 3 seeds in the tissue and folded it over.
2.   Next we put it in a sealable bag and placed it in the sun on our shelf.
3.   We will add a teaspoon of water when the tissue dries out.

4.   Each day we will make observational notes and diagrams of the germinating seeds.

8th June
After a lot of water, waiting, observation we found out that SEEDS CAN germinate without soil!
Our bag experiment wasn't as clear to observe as we would have liked so we had a big example in a jar! Take a look!


  1. I like wort you are doing for siyins.

  2. We are doing since and we are going to find out if plants need soil we don't know if it is going to work or not.We are going to find if it is going to work

  3. yes it can grow without soil because of hydroponics.