Sunday, 14 June 2015



*Imagine you got stuck in a real pit! Describe this!
-Use deep description, showing a range of feelings.
-Make sure you use correct punctuation and grammar

Tuesday- Thursday: learning pit!
Describe a time when you just wanted to quit, or when you hit a brick wall, or even a time when you got yourself out of the pit. Describe your feelings.

17/6 Ava shared a brilliant example of being in the pit. She is in the pit in maths! There were times when she wanted to quit and go back to the Doctors maths group. She is at the point of asking for help.


  1. Hi Dream Team! I was in the pit in the weekend when I was learning how to do a cartwheel. My friend was trying to teach me to go "hand, hand, foot, foot". But I kept falling over! I really wanted to give up. But I persevered and my friend kept encouraging me which helped a lot. I am much better at them now but I am not quite out of the pit yet, so I will keep on practicing :)

  2. everyone is doing really well in there pit writing well i think i am

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