Sunday, 7 June 2015

Experiment Writing

This week for our writing
WALT create and write an experiment
We will:
-work together
-add detail for anyone to use
-show our vision
To do this we will write a plan in our science inquiry groups. Then we will work individually on our experiment writing. At the end of the week we will put our work together in our groups and publish it onto our group google doc. Then we will be very prepared to start our experiment!
It might look a little something like this when we are finished…

Group inquiry experiment

Sophie and Kelly
Does the amount of water we feed plant effect the growth?
We think the more water we give the plants, the more it will grow.
List of Materials:
2 seeds, 2 pots, water, measuring cup, ruler, soil
We are going to plant 2 seeds and feed them different amounts of water to see which plant grows taller and healthier
1.    Half fill each pot with soil
2.  Put 1 seed in each put of soil and then cover with more soil to the top of the pot
3.  Place pot next to each other on a sunny windowsill

4.  Label 1 pot “Control” and the other pot “Experiment”

5.  Feed each pot ¼ cup of water

6.  Feed Control pot ¼ cup of water every second day. Feed Experiment pot ¼ cup of water for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

7.  After three weeks of this watering routine, measure the plants growth and compare the health between them by looking at the colour and strength of the plant.

After 3 weeks of watering these plants, the Control plant grew 10cm and was green and healthy. The Experiment plant grew only 6cm and then began to wilt and turn yellow. After doing some research about why this happened, we found out that it is not healthy to feed plants such a large amount of water. Too much water is not good for them and they actually end up drowning. We found out that plants breathe through their roots and by feeding them too much water, the plants couldn’t take in the oxygen.
Conclusion: In conclusion the outcome of the experiment was opposite to our hypothesis. It is not good to over-water a plant and it does not help the plant grow enormous.

And here is a fun song about plants we are learning

While group 5 were planning their experiment this morning, Sam emailed his mum to ask if he can use some equipment at home:
Setting up our group inquiries:


  1. The song makes me booggie to the music.

  2. This was a very creative idea for writing I hope it will be fun too:)