Friday, 23 October 2015


What Tui has to say about Reading Theory:

  • It encourages me to read at night every night
  • It is really fun
  • I learn lots of different types of stuff like about underwater, butterflies and nature and heaps more topics. I love them!
  • When you read them and find tricky words I like putting the words in my spelling book to practise
  • The questions are really challenging because sometimes I have to go back and forth to the passage
  • I have to read the questions carefully
  • It is fun to move up the levels
  • The levels are challenging for me. Once I go along them they get harder for me. I haven't gone down the levels yet and I am not going to!!!
  • Kate, Lydia and I always talk about Reading Theory

Thank you Tui for your reflective comments about our new reading site.


  1. You must enjoy Reading Theory as much as I do. Tui, Keep practicing!!

  2. reading theory is great don't you think it's also challenging keep up the good work!